The Library App

Digital Library in Your Hand

An app for a sharing world! Digitize your personal book library, loan and lend to other app users, keep track of wandering books and share the love of reading.


May - July 2020

Responsibility as a sole freelance designer:


Today people are accumulating in their homes piles of books they have purchased over the years. It's definitely nice to create your own library in the living room, but in most cases, no one plans to reread them in the future. At the same time, there could be difficulty in getting the book you want. We probably all have a library in our area of ​​residence. Still, in most cases, it will contain popular reading books and not necessarily what we are looking for, especially when it comes to a particular professional niche. So the options available to me are not so convenient - either to spend money on it or reach out to a community involved in the niche, like a Facebook group and ask if anyone has the book.

The app's purpose is to create a community large enough to allow anyone to borrow the book they are looking for free.


In designing the app, I was guided by a clear line - to create an experience that feels like a book. I took the black-on-white element from the regular printed book pages we are all familiar with and embedded it throughout the screens. The design is sharp, clean, clear, without much shading and embossing, like a paper sheet. However, the app gets its color from the books themselves. The whole stage belongs to the books, and each cover gives its hue and character.


This is the main screen which contains all the books that you can borrow from others. There are various filtering options at the top of the screen that opens and closes according to the scrolling.

My Library Screen

Create documentation of your personal books. You can choose whether to put the book on loan or leave it for personal documentation only. Includes various search and filtering options.

Book Screen

Gives information about the person who lends the book - name, location, distance, etc. and a large button that allows you to ask for borrow. You can share the book or add it to your favorites.

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