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Learn Through Creation

AppSchool is an online platform for practical technology courses in a variety of fields. Through their new app, users get free course coupons, increasing engagement and user activity.


May - July 2020

Responsibility as a sole freelance designer:


AppSchool is an online platform that provides video courses combining quality content with practical creation in various technology topics. Their vision is to allow each person to learn through creation, anytime and anywhere at an affordable price. AppSchool has trained over 5,000 students, some of whom currently work in the high-tech industry as entrepreneurs and employees. Most of the users belong to the younger generation in Israel. Appschool strongly believes in them: "We are sure that if we make the tools and lesson plans available to them - we will be able to reduce gaps".


‍AppSchool's courses are delivered on its web platform. Today, one of its biggest problems is that many users take a single course, sometimes not even completing it, and don't return to learn additional courses.

The goal of the app is to make users more active and engaging.


To meet the goal, the app will allow users to issue coupons for the site's courses - free and easily!

Through this, we can encourage users to continue to additional courses. It will also allow interaction with the AppSchool brand in another medium, not just on the site. It will strengthen the connection between the users and the service.

Login Screen

Log in with the username and password you created on the site. Not a user yet? You can register through the app.

Courses Screen

See all the courses available on the site, displayed using horizontal scrolling. Once you've chosen a course that you want, you can simply click on the big blue button at the bottom to get your code.

Coupon Screen

Your coupon is ready to use! You can see the code, the course it is valid for and for how long. From here, you can perform several actions - issue additional coupons, extend the validity of the coupon by 4 days, or play a game that will allow you to extend the validity by 8 days.

My Coupons Screen

See all the courses you've issued coupons for. You can see the coupon code, the validity, and even have the option to extend the validity. Two prominent buttons call the user to create additional coupons.

Consistency is the key!

As mentioned, the app's purpose is also to strengthen the user's relationship with the brand, so it was vital for me to maintain the company's design language and unique colors.

The target audience (younger generation) was on my mind all the time. I used many cool icons that will increase the feeling of excitement when using the app and getting a new coupon.


Working with the guys from AppSchool was fun and enriching. As a self-taught designer, I have done online courses in many different fields, and I'm a big believer in these platforms as a freelance learning tool. Beyond that, they make a tremendous contribution to equal opportunities in society.

Assaf Amir, CEO of AppSchool:

"We worked with Nadav on our new app. He is a professional, accurate and creative designer. The work with him was comfortable and he was full of attention and openness to our desires. Pleasure working with him."
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