K.M.M Recycling Plants App

Recycling Made Easy

Brand new app for Israel’s leading recycling company. Private and corporate customers can make service calls and report faults easily and quickly. The app also contains informative articles and tips on recycling.


June - August 2020

Responsibility as a sole freelance designer:


K.M.M is the leading company in Israel in the field of recycling and the environment. The company provides collection, sorting, crushing, processing and distribution of paper waste of various types to thousands of customers from the private, business and municipal sectors. Also, K.M.M is a pioneer in paper recycling in Israel and leads the design of public opinion in everything related to waste recycling and separation at source.

Did you know?

Paper constitutes about 30% of the general waste produced in Israel

The Old App

K.M.M contacted me in order to renew their app. It has been around for many years and today is inconsistent with the needs of the company. It looks like this:

As you can see, it focuses on 4 main actions:


If an individual identifies a problem (lack of tin in the living area, untreated waste fault) he can report directly to the company.

Service Call

Designed for business customers, allows you to call for various services: emptying bags, collecting textile waste and more.

Articles and Tips

Enrichment information that deals with issues such as recycling and environmental protection.


Simply information about the company.


After an initial conversation with the stakeholders, we defined two issues that exist in the old app:

1. Most service calls are received through the call center and not through the app
The company has great motivation to route the calls so that they come through the app and won't require a human telephone answering service. Although this is actually the primary purpose for which the app was intended, and it has failed to do so.

2. A sense of an old and outdated app
The company sees the app as one of her leading products and therefore wants you to correspond with the brand values - innovation and renewal.

Pain Points

I identified several issues with the old app that caused it to miss the targets.

Uninviting design, lack of hierarchy between actions and inability to differentiate between actions were the standout points

Target Audience

The target audience of the app is divided into two main groups:


Businesses that are customers of the company and use the app to make service calls.


Private individuals who wish to report a fault in their area of residence.


The significant change was in the main screen. As mentioned, the old app gives access to all its parts without prioritization and guidance. I decided to change it and leave only the two main actions that were used most of the time - report and service call.

I had no hesitation in choosing the colors - I went for a green that is very much associated with recycling and the company branding. I chose two types of greens to allow variety.

To be able to differentiate between the actions, I added some explanatory text. For the report, I added the line 'Did you find a fault? Lack of tin in your area?' to give examples of types of reporting. For service call, I added the word 'Business' to make it clear that this action is for the company's business customers only.

I made a significant change that makes it easier to make a service call - you can choose the subject of the call before he reaches the form. Each service call requires a different filling of fields, so pre-selection allows you to be taken directly to the correct form. 80 percent of service calls are for clearing sacks, so I placed this option first, making it simple, fast and clear. I left a general service call button for those who are still not sure what call they need.

The Articles and Tips and the About were placed in the tab bar for easy navigation.

Service Call Screen

When you reach the service call form, the service type is already pressed (from the previous screen). Now all that remains is to fill in the details and send a call. The forms vary depending on the type of service.

Report Screen

Allows you to take photos and fill in details about a fault. I added an option for a better image preview.

Articles and Tips Screen

Now you can search for the information you need. You can also see how minutes it takes to read each article and when it was published - to know how relevant the story is.

About Screen

I kept the text as is and added modern and cool illustrations and icons.


The design received excellent feedback from the company. Now it stands the real test - in front of users. We will soon have to analyze the data and see if we have met the main task - raising the percentage of service calls coming from the app at the expense of the calls coming from the human call center.

Apart from the value that the new design gives to the company, I'm glad that I got to participate in a project that encourages recycling and environmental protection. These are critical issues that affect the whole world and future generations, and I feel I have contributed a little to the awareness-raising effort.

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